Henna, Glitter Tattoo, and Sparkle Mehndi Services

Crescent Moon Designs: we bring henna, glitter tattoos and sparkle mehndi to YOU!
Henna House Calls: A thoroughly relaxing session of henna painting in the comfort of your own home. Get a trial run of that tattoo you’ve always wanted or get decorated for a special occasion. Enjoy a fun day with a few of your friends! The charge is $150 for the first hour, 2 or more hours is $100/hour. There is a one-hour minimum for appointments.
Parties are a great way to have fun with henna. Whether it’s a bridal shower, a bellydance party, a pregnancy celebration, or just a casual get-together, henna adds a special something. The price is still $150 for the first hour, 2 or more hours is $100/hour — no matter how many people get hennaed. Natasha can do 20 small designs per hour.
The Mobile Salon Experience: Enjoy a spa experience in your own home! Natasha has teamed up with a facialist and a massage therapist to bring pampering and therapeutic massage to you and your friends for an amazing event. Please call for pricing and availability.
Corporate Events: Henna is a memorable way to entertain guests at a coporate event. When the guests are having fun and the henna is flying, you know you are keeping them happy. A minimum of 2 hours is required for these events at a rate of $150/hour. Natasha can do 20 small designs per hour.
Glitter Tattoos: A colorful alternative to henna. Glitter tattoos are hand-drawn and are instantly waterproof, making them perfect for pool parties! They last for 3-5 days OR can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol. Add some sparkle to your next party and ask for glitter tattoos in addition to henna! You can request glitter tattoos in addition to henna at no additional charge per hour.
Jagua Body Art: Jagua is an all natural dye from South America that dyes the skin a rich blue-black. Natasha can bring this beautiful art form to your home for a private appointment or a party. The charge is the same as for henna art: $150 for a single hour, 2 or more hours is $100/hour.
Learn How to Henna: Natasha will come to your home or office to teach you and up to 10 people how mix henna paste and to apply beautiful designs.
$250 for a 2 hour class plus a materials fee of $15 per student.
Gift Certificates: Crescent Moon Designs gift certificates are available and redeemable for henna services throughout the year. Gift certificates are a great way to show your love for that special someone. Hourly gift certificates can be used for parties and private appointments. Individual design certificates can be redeemed at Seaport Village.
Whatever the event, you can rest assure that you will get the BEST service and beautiful Henna designs!!
    • A 20% advance deposit is required to book your event. The date shall remain open for other bookings until the deposit is received. A contract outlining all the details will be emailed to you as soon as the deposit is received.
    • These rates are all-inclusive. Fresh and natural henna, sealant spray, glitter accents, after-care instructions are provided for every guest.A table and 2 chairs, and enough light to read fine-print easily are required. If you are unable to provide these items, please notify as soon as possible so Natasha can bring them.
    • A travel charge may be applicable depending upon the distance.
  • More than one henna artist can be provided if requested at an additional cost.

Learn How to Henna

Natasha will come to your home or office to teach you and up to 10 people how mix henna paste and to apply beautiful designs. $250 for a 2 hour class plus a materials fee of $15 per student.

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Our custom hand drawn henna and glitter tattoos

Celebrate Life with Henna!

Birthday Celebrations
Henna is a fun addition for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, Qinceaneras, 40th birthday bashes and even 80th birthday parties! Natasha has a wide variety of traditional and modern designs to fit your party’s theme.
Baby Showers and Blessingways
Henna has been traditionally used to celebrate the joyous arrival of a new baby a month or two before the birth. That tradition lives on when you add henna to your baby shower or blessingway. The designs can be good wishes for the mother and baby or just plain decorative fun. If the expectant mother is sensitive to certain scents, Natasha will make a special batch to suit her preferences.
Wedding Celebrations
When you want a certain special something at your bridal shower or wedding reception, think henna. Traditionally used to decorate and bless the bride, henna and weddings go together. Natasha can do both traditional Sangeet designs and creative custom designs for your special day.
Themed Parties
Whether the theme is Arabian Nights, Moroccan Spice, Bollywood or Egyptian, henna will add the perfect exotic touch to your entertainment. Natasha is happy to create custom design sheets for your event! She will also bring table décor to match your party’s color scheme and wear an exotic caftan or sari.
How To Classes
Learn how to mix paste, make cones and the basics of creating designs. Everything needed to get started with the fascinating hobby of henna
Painless and no regret tattoo trials
Thinking about getting a real tattoo, but aren’t sure where it would look best or if that design is really something you want forever. Wondering how a design that looks great on paper will really look like when it’s on a curved body surface. Test-drive the design in henna! It’s painless and temporary.
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